a little extra about me

My name is Amina Hamza, and I am a writer. Writer by choice, not by profession. I have 3 adorable boys and a loving husband.  It took me a while to appreciate the things that I have, and not crib about the things that I do not have. But now that the understanding is there, I value the time I get to spend with my family.

I have always been ambitious, always wanted to succeed. There were many long term plans that I had carefully structured for myself. My life mission statement was printed and pasted in my cupboard to remind of my goals every day. All the focus changed when I fell in love and got married.

Life changed. It became totally what i never imagined it to be. I was surrounded by responsibilities that I had to fulfill, towards my family, extended family and loved ones. Life became a rut of doing the mundane things every single day. Somehow what I had to do  to satisfy others, became all too powerful over what I had to do to satisfy myself. My mission statement became all about my kids and their chores.

One day, after my regular crying period, I suddenly realized that there will be no point in crying over things that had already happened. Nothing was lost as I had led myself to believe. My mission statement changed, so what? I still have the stamina and the will power to change.

That is when I thought of writing my emotions, and thoughts down. This always helped me in the past. It calmed me down and allowed me to see things in a rational manner. That is why I made this blog. This is for my own understanding of myself. I have to rediscover who I am really, in order to proceed further. I am no longer going to take things for granted, least of all myself.

This is my attempt to make a new life mission. Mission to understand myself, mission to make my life easy and simple. I share this with you, hoping that you too will realize that the emptiness that you feel inside can only be filled with YOU being there for YOURSELF!

Express, emote and then see how life changes!! Mine is, and I believe it will continue to do so.


2 thoughts on “a little extra about me

  1. All I have to say is add the religious content to your life and your whole mission will change again !!! but till then … GOOD LUCK with pennedemotions… I love it …

  2. I completely agree. You have to be the best YOU in order to be there for others. It becomes a big blame game then. May Allah make it easy for you ameen. Ramadan mubarak.

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