Boys will be boys

I think it is common knowledge that men like to compete. Whether it may be in politics, sports or just for fun, involve them, and there is no stopping the competitive instict. I have noticed the same in my two sons, Haadi and Shan. To an outsider, Haadi seems docile……he is to some extent when compared to the other two. But that is because he has mellowed down and have become mature. Yes i undestand that at 5yrs he still has a lot of growing up to do, but he has matured from what he was.

Shan is my cute rebellious one. Loves to challenge authority and usually gets into one naughty mess to another. I have observed that when Shan and Haadi are playing together or even when not playing, they are competing with one another. It ranges from who gets the remote, who gets the last toffee, or even who goes into the washroom first!

Every morning while dropping them to school, my husband and I remind them not to run when going in the school gate and to hold hands.  They both religiously agree, and the minute they are out of the car, and they start walking towards the gate it all comes down to who will enter the gate first!

It is healthy i think. As this way they are involved with one another and there is a unique bond developing amongst them. It is kind of cute as well. I just hope that this competitive instict pushes them to excel and hope it does not work against them.


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