Faiz is ready

The youngest is ready to go to school!

He is 2.2yrs to be exact, but he is so ready. I say this because his vocabulary is increasing, he has improved on his Motor skills.and most importantly he follows the school timings…….wakes up at 7.and wants to nap by 2:00 pm. He starts getting bored near 1:00 pm, and starts doing things that usually gets him into trouble. I think he is ready for preschool.

When there are elder siblings, the youngest wants to copy them, and usually their antics are cute but there are times when they get frustrating. like the other day, Haadi, in order to show me the parts of a flower, plucked one out along with the roots and all. Faiz was close by, and his tiny brain processed this information.

Just now, i was busy reading up stuff, when he came to me showing me the crumpled petals along with the stem and the root. At first i noticed the dirt in his nails, but then smiled at him when he gave the, now completely withered, flower to me. By the way, flower a day is a ritual my other two sons have started and i am happy to announce, Faiz is following their steps. Its kind of special when the boys in your life make you feel loved by giving a flower. I see it as their training. It is important for them to realise that females are precious and they are meant to be treated with love and compassion.

Sooooooooo. Where was i……..yes….Faiz
He is ready, and i think coming August i might get him enrolled!


Making it work

There is no point in starting something if you are not willing to make it work.like for example I started this blog and after some posts , I completely forgot about it! Reading countless sites on how to make your blog popular, one thing is for sure. If I am not going to be regular about my posts then there is no point in having this in the first place!

So here’s another resolution made, that I will be more active here and will try to make it interesting for my subscribers!