” if you cant be the best, be different”

My Philosophy Bookshelf(bottom)

We live in a competitive world. Everyday we push ourselves to do our best, to be the best or at least try to be the best. We push our children to do the same. Reason being that we as children were pushed to do our best and to conform to society rules and regulations. Success for us to be what the society wants us to be.

Today while surfing the net I came across an article that said “if you can’t be the best, be different” and immediately it got me thinking. This is so true!

Why suffer hardships and fall into depression when we just cat be the best. Each one of us has a different talent and skill that we can use to move ahead in life. Every one of us is different. Why do we have to conform to society rules and customs to be termed as successful? I am not saying to be a rebel, but to develop a deep understanding of what we really are from the inside. What makes us different form the others. It is all about making a list of all the things that make us who we are. It is always a good practice to take some time out from our busy scheduled life for some personal reflection. This is necessary to de stress, and to get the motivation to move ahead. By introspect we can really understand our needs and wants and also what makes us unique.

By just trying to focus on what we know, we can de clutter most of our lives. Just imagine instead of stressing over marks and grades if we concentrate on getting the concept how much simpler things would be. Don’t get me wrong I am not advocating that one should not strive to get a good grade, but if we take a broader picture by having a firm grasp on the concept I am sure we will be able to perform better and the grades would follow.

Life is a test. We are all working towards achieving the best grade. But if we stop and concentrate on getting to know one before we move on, I am sure we will not only perform better, but will be more focused and dedicated in our efforts. So take today as the catalyst and change the way  you think about yourself and make yourself the center focus of reflection for a change, I am sure you will be surprised by what you discover!


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