Freelance galore

For a stay at home mother, it becomes highly frustrating if you have nothing intellectual to do all day. Dont get me wrong! Taking care of your family and kids, is a joy indeed. But then you need something extra!!

That is when you go to the web, in search of freelancing. In my opinion freelancing is a healthy options for those who love to write, and who do not want to leave home to work. But the irony is that, even though you are ” officially working” you do not have ” strict office hours.” That means no interruptions!

The main problem of freelancing for some is INTERRUPTIONS!!. There is always something happening. Either the baby needs food, needs to be changed, the phone ringing or the laundry bell ringing!! How to take time out from all this and do work? Simple————–ORGANIZE your self.

  • When the bay is sleeping, quickly log in and start typing.
  • When the laundry is put to wash, that is a good time to make your tea and settle down for a nice time with your laptop.
  • When the older kids go to school, log in and work.
  • At night, work away while your kids sleep. But remember to catch up in the afternoon. You need to rest yourself. If your kids are not in the habit of sleeping the afternoon, it is always a good practise to start making them take naps!!!
  • And most importanty, when the kids are playing peacefully ( i knwo that is seldom!) take time to write down in your To Do diary, what assignment you are working on , when it is due, how and when you will complete it.

I know this sounds too good to be true. But believe you me, I have done this and it has helped me emmesnly. I am a happy  freelancer and I advice you to become one too.


Rain do come again………..

Rain Drops

Rain Drops (Photo credit: freefotouk)

Pitter patter pitter patter, the raindrops make a sound. Finally it rained here in Karachi. Something  that we all had been waiting for. There is something about the rainy season, the cloudy weather and the rain it self that makes you want to sit down and analyze things. At least that is what I do. It puts me in a nostalgic mood. I sit down and enjoy seeing the water drops falling and the earthy smell that comes from the wet mud.

The other day when it rained, I was watching my kids enjoying the rain splash. They have a very different way of enjoying it. While one was dragging his cycle form one place to the other, the other had a wiper in his hand, and was busy clearing the gutters of the dead leaves with it, so that the rain water could go down the drain undisturbed.

I remembered the time when I was at my parents house and it used to rain. Oh My! I used to have so much fun. I used to dance in the rain with such freedom, and used to play around so much. I miss doing all that. I miss being in the rain and doing crazy stuff. I miss splashing the dirty water on myself , lying down on the floor and getting the muddy water in my hair. Miss the freedom and the exhilarating feeling of enjoyment.

Now it is all about decorum. I can not enjoy the way I  used too. They might get offended. I have to make sure the others enjoy, while I sit on the sidewalk and look on. It is for my kids to enjoy now and I am just to make sure that they don’t get tired, that they don’t end up with runny nose or fever.

Time changes and things happen. But in the process of growing up, you lose the essence of the real you. You lose it somewhere. It hidden behind, social norms, customs and decorum. You let the others will over power yours just so to maintain peace and equilibrium. Funny how others take your behavior for granted, as that is how you were. So little they know of you, and yet they don’t care enough to find out more.

Rain come again later in my life, when I am done with responsibilities and I am finally free, come so that I can enjoy you in the same innocent way. Do come so I can again dance with abandon, and not worry about how it may seem. Do come again…………..