For the love of tea……….

For the love of tea

For the love of tea....

Ever wondered, what is about tea that makes it so satisfying? Only tea lovers will be able to answer this. I am a BIG tea lover, and can have it any time of the day. I like mine to be hot, strong and no sugar.

There is something about that first sip that makes me what to have it again and again. As soon as this yummy blend of tea leaves water and milk, touches your taste buds, it sends signals to your brain, that finally there is somthing entering the body that will calm the nerves!

Caffeine may be the thing, but I feel there is more to it. Analyzing this pleasurable thing scientifically would be criminal. This is  pure pleasure and only an ardent tea drinker will be able to relate to this facination of mine.

I have tried coffee, and  I love that too, but I always come back to tea. A hot cup of tea cures every ache and pain. It is the best comfort drink I have ever had and I highly recommend it. There is no time for it, have it when you feel the need.

Tea made by someone else just for you, now that is like the ultimate!! Some one else does the effort and you just sit back and enjoy that hot cup. Not every one knows the art of making just the right cup. There are some who make it too sweet, too milky and tooo strong. My father once made me taste coffee and tea together!! It was nice, but kind of once a blue moon beverage.

Last night my husband made the best cup of tea  I have had!! It was just the way i like. Served hot, and in my favourite mug.

Hmmmm, I think I will have one cup just about now. 🙂



I admit that I am a bit late in doing this, but I figured better late than never. Before you proceed further, let me introduce myself.

I am basically what I call  drifting, competitive, ambitious and independent bitch:)

YES! Ijust abused myself!

And I think once in a while , we should all make a habit of doing this. It is like a breath of fresh air!!!

Why I call myself that? To put it mildly, I consider myself a Bitch as I like to stand up for my views and opinions against all odds. Whatever the circumstances I get my opinions out, and no matter what the consequences are, I like to put my last word in! And this trait of mine does not go well with most of the people I am surrounded with!

This blog is simply my expression of myself. I am no narcissist mind you, but a woman who wants to share herself with the rest of the world.